Green was my favorite color growing up and I think it had to do with life itself! Green grass, green plants, green leaves in the trees! When was the last time your bare feet felt the cool green that grows from the soil of the earth? Stop and remind yourself just once in a while, take your shoes and socks off and let the wonder speak to you through the raw connection of feet to mother nature! It is for the wonder of all living things that we respectfully do our part to care by reducing damaging impacts to the earth.

Sustainability at the Saratoga Downtowner:

sunSolar Hot Water! Imagine, the showers you take are warmed by the heat of the sun. Yes, it even works in the Northeast.

Green, Renewable Energy! Viridian Energy supplies our energy from all responsible, sustainable sources.

Fresh Air Ventilation! Weather permitting, we open the roof to allow for very pleasant, fresh air ventilation uncommon in hotels!

A Smoke-Free Environment! That’s what we’re all about. It’s healthier and appreciated by our guests.


Green Cleaning Products! We use green cleaning products that meet the ……. Standard for the safety of guests and staff.

Towel Reuse Program! It only makes sense to be part of the norm now. It reduces water use and chemicals into the waterways.

Recycling! 42 rooms adds up to a lot of opportunity and we turn it into cash for Wounded Warrior Project.

Low-Flow Showerheads! We want you to have a great shower experience AND save water. That’s how ours work.

Drop the Power but Keep the Light! All lighting is CFC and we plan to move to LED soon to reduce energy output more.

In-room Baseboard Heating! It makes for a quieter, deeper night’s sleep. And we all need that, especially when traveling.

Healthy Paints! We use no VOC (volatile organic compound) paints so that we all breathe easier.

waterReuse rag program! Our older, raggedy terry products are cut to use for room-cleaning rags.

Rag Bags! Just like at the grocery store, housekeepers reuse bags for clean and dirty rags rather than plastic.

Walkable! Park your car and leave it!! We hear this from guests all the time. We are on the ’50 yard line’ in the heart of Downtown.

We support cyclists! We have a safe place in the basement for bicycles for those who ride to, from or during their stay.

Reuse linen donation program! We donate gently stained or torn linens to community organizations helping those in need.

leavesReduction in Paper Use: With our new computer program we are saving leaves ‘cause a little shade in the summer time is better than ink on the paper!

Things to come: In-Room Recycling, Shower dispensers to reduce little plastic bottles added to landfills, 100% Cotton Blankets (we’re transitioning currently to these), Washable pillows with 10 year warranty – what a waste to throw them away too often! Improved insulated doors and windows.

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Awards and Accolades

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders/Green Partners Award