Your Hosts and Staff:

Bill and Mary Cae

Our story is one we never dreamed of! As Bill has said, “owning a hotel was never on our radar!” We lived in Silicon Valley for 20+ years and it was time in our lives for change. Bill worked in the hi-tech industry and I homeschooled our children. Through a series of unexpected events in fall of 1999, we learned about Saratoga Springs, NY. Business brokers told us of a hotel for sale in the very heart of downtown. We giggled and laughed and looked at the numbers. We realized it could be a good real estate move so….we uprooted our children, dog and lives to this unknown land in the foothills of the Adirondacks. We find this place special. There isn’t a town of such size that has so much to offer. It is truly the ‘City in the Country’ and we are grateful to have found Saratoga. I love being an Ambassador to this incredible place!

Everyone who walks over our doorstep has a story to tell and through the years we have learned about many of our guests. Owning a hotel is like living on the fringe of peoples’ lives. You hear so many things that are so common to humanity and so rich to the human experience that brings laughter and sorrow, joy and need, confusion and separation, celebration and humor, warmth and love. It is an honor to give safe harbor to those on the road that need a ‘nest’ for the night or place to stay while they connect with those relationships of meaning!

Bill was once a silicon valley kind of guy
and then he moved closer to the eastern sky
Buying a business he knew nothing about
Taught him a lot about plumbing and grout

Buying a hotel with lots to do
His wife joined him in their life brand new
Together they worked every day and night
Caring to make guests stays just right.

It is a pleasure with visitors galore
Making our lives entertaining and more